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To drill the holes in the material bore and countersink existing holes, cut discs from sheets of material, cut the thread within the hole, use drilling machines. Consider the question of choosing a drill.
Determines the parameters of the drilling machine - is the limiting nominal diameter drilled holes (in metal). Also, the machine is characterized by a maximum course of the spindle and the flight, speed and other parameters.

The main characteristics, which, choosing the machine, be sure to note the following:

- Electricity consumption and performance that depends on the power. small power consumption table drilling machine is at least 150 watts and heavy stationary - about 3 kW.
- The frequency with which the operation member is rotated (200-3000 rev / min). Typically, drilling machines equipped with multi-speed gearbox, which allows you to select the desired speed determined by the operation and the material produced.


- Drilling diameter (16-60 mm), which determines the size of not only opening, but the apparatus, which are required.

When deciding on the choice of drill, of particular interest are drilling machines with magnetic soles used for drilling and machining holes and cutting metric threads, when conventional stationary machines use impossible.

Scope of portable magnetic drilling machine Works on manufacturing and installation of metal structures, manufacturing, repair of large equipment, tools and machinery under construction. Do not do without the magnetic machines in the construction of pipelines, bridge constructions, tanks, shipbuilding, as well as when it is necessary to carry out work in the field.

Magnetic machines have a small weight, working with them is convenient and easy. Due to the magnetic force of attraction of the sole operation of the machine becomes possible, for example, in difficult conditions, inclined and vertical planes, and this is an undeniable argument to the fact to make a choice in their favor.
magnetic platform machines have the quality and reliability, the presence of the reduction clutch protects the motor from damage in the event that the drill bit gets stuck. The consumer will have to taste their functionality together with high performance work.

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